Vàm Sát Mangrove Forest is an eco-tourism area inside Can Gio Biosphere Reserve in Ho Chi Minh City. This tourist area mainly exploits the wild element of the mangrove eco-region with unique and diverse flora and fauna. This is a place where city residents take a weekend getaway away from the polluted, noisy city to find nature. The tourist area is located about 45 km southeast of the city center.

Things to do when visit Vàm Sát Mangrove Forest

Vàm Sát eco-tourism site was established in 1999 with an area of 2,000 hectares in Cần Giờ District. This area lies in the buffer zone of Cần Giờ Mangrove Forest that UNESCO reconizes the first biophere reserve in Vietnam which is ideal for visitors, researchers.

Vàm Sát Bird Sanctuary

This is the only bird sanctuary in Ho Chi Minh city. It covers an area of 602.5 hectares. There are 26 species of birds including 11 species of water birds, such as oriental darter, little egret, pacific Reef-egret, black-crowned night heron, cattle egret…


In particular, there is a species of painted stork, a rare species, listed in the Red Book of Vietnam and the world. Every year from Apil to October, this is the time when birds migrate here to nest.

Standing on the 18m high bird observation tower, you will witness an extremely vivid natural picture of thousands of birds here.

Bat Lagoon 

Contrary to the bustle of the bird sanctuary, Bat Lagoon has an unusually quiet space. Rowing a sampan is the only vehicle for you to explore this area. Going deep into the lagoon, visitors will encounter hundreds of large flying bats hanging from the canopy.

Especially the megabats or also called fruit bats, this type of bats have saffron yellow feathers, weigh about 0.5 kg, have a wingspan of 0.7 to 0.8 meters.

Crocodile Swamp

In addition to the completely natural attractions, crocodiles in Vàm Sát are raised according to a natural semi-wild model and are called crocodile swamps. This is a home of many rare crocodile species; especially Saltwater crocodile and Siamese crocodile.

There are many equipped crocodile fishing boat service allow experience thrilling crocodile fishing. And you will have an opportunity to feed the crocodiles from a safe distance. In addition, Vàm Sát also has a wildlife reserve such as deer, wild boar, python, snake, lizard, monkeys…

Other attractive things in Vam Sat Mangrove Forest

Nowadays, there are many interesting activities as well as new services night fishing, bird-watching, biking through forest, camping, catching crabs…And don’t forget to have a try on fresh seafood there. The seafood is exploited on the local beach, in Can Gio, which contains all the flavor of nature.

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Useful information

  • Location: 15A, Lý Nhơn, Cần Giờ District, Ho Chi Minh city.
  • If you have children, keep an eye on them all the time. 
  • You are not allowed to bring drink or food from outside into the preservation area.
  • Do not arbitrarily feed the crocodiles or monkeys without the permission of the caretakers.
  • Follow all the instructions of the guide during your trip.