Cồn Phụng (Phụng Islet) is a floating land in the middle of the Tiền River. It is one of the famous of Four Holy Beasts land, the dragon (Long), the Qilin (Lân), the Turtle (Quy), and the Phoenix (Phụng) in Western Region of Vietnam. With an area of more than 50 ha, there are many interesting activities and services welcomes thousands of tourists to discover and experience here.

The best time to visit Cồn Phụng

With warm and sunny weather all year round, tourists can visit Cồn Phụng any time of the year. Especially, during the summer times (June, July, August), when the trees are green and lush, and the fruits are juicy on the trees, tourists coming to Cồn Phụng will enjoy extremely delicious fruits such as mangosteen, durian, rambutan…

What to do in Cồn Phụng?

Visit Coconut Religion Holy Land

The Coconut Religion was founded in 1963 by Nguyễn Thành Nam, also known as the Coconut Monk. The name “Cồn Phụng” existed when he came here and built Nam Quốc Phật pagoda. There is a museum show the life of Mr.Nam. Outside is the yard with nine pillars, each of them carved a dragon skillfully and Hòa Bình tower where he sat and preached the Dharma.

Explore local life

The families here are keeping traditional jobs. Coming to Cồn Phụng, tourist will have a chance witness the whole process of making coconut candy from the stage of preparing ingredients, cooking candies, cutting candies, packaging.

Or it is not difficult for you to ask a resident to visit beekeeping area and enjoy samples here. However, the most prominent products of the Cồn Phụng are handicrafts made of body and coconut shell which has been existing for more than a decade.

Thanks to the nature bestowed cool and fresh air, visitors should explore the islet by bicycles or horse carriage. Passing the green coconut-shaded road, cool rows of roadside shrubs, and enjoy the peaceful of the delta are amazing things.

Futhermore, you can choose a way that explore the local fruit orchards; relax on a hammock, taste some fruits, sip a honey tea while listen a folk song in Mekong Delta – Đờn Ca Tài Tử.

Enjoy local food

A small restaurant, designed in open architectural style, is a rest stop area for tourist. Do not forget to enjoy specialties of the region such deep-frying elephant ear fish, crispy vietnamese pancakes, fried sticky rice, grilled chicken… are cooked and performed meticulously by traditional methods, along with fresh material available, ensuring freshness, delicious, and highly nutritious criteria.

How to go to Cồn Phụng from Ho Chi Minh?

It takes around 2 hours of driving from Ho Chi Minh to Bến Tre. There are many reputable bus companies to choose for your Mekong delta tours. Travelers can buy a ticket at the Western Bus station. However, for those who want to discover the new place or traveling with a group, car/bus rental with a driver is the best way. After arriving Bến Tre, you have to come and take a ferry from Rạch Miễu Ferry Wharf to Cồn Phụng.

In addition, you can book a group tour or private tour to visit this famous islet with our best guide.